About us



Jody Moore has worked in the restaurant business for over 10 years,  primarily in London, but also abroad in New Zealand as well as the French Alps, managing and running the catering teams in high end chalets.

Jody has years of experience in catering and has run numerous corporate events for a high end ski company both in the French alps, the Ice Hotel in Norway and in the UK.

He is a perfectionist when it comes to food and is very particular about events, of any kind, running smoothly.

He has worked in Pizza restaurants in the UK and has now teamed up with his brother in law, Luca to create this mobile wood fired pizza business.


Luca was classically trained in Naples in wood fired pizza ovens and has shared his wealth of experience with the rest of the team.

As a result, we have a very well oiled pizza making machine capable of producing beautiful, genuine, wood fired Neapolitan pizzas.

Through our contacts in Naples we are able to import the finest ingredients for our pizzas.

We have painstakingly converted a ‘Rice’ horsebox trailer to house the oven. It has been designed in such a way as to allow us to operate from within the box, if the weather is bad to outside of the box if the sun is shining.

Our outfit is extremely compact and tidy and will offer a fun and smart element to any event.

paper pizza