What type of pizzas do you make?

– There are essentially two types of pizzas; The ‘Neopolitan’ and the ‘Roman’

The ‘Neopolitan’ is characteristically a thicker /puffier dough. The edges will puff up and the toppings stop around one to two inches from the edge. Personally we prefer the ‘Roman’ style of pizza which is thinner throughout and the toppings go  right to the edge.

It completely depends on your taste, I like the pizza base to melt in the mouth and not be left chewing a mass of dough, but that’s just us. If you are crazy for the ‘Neopolitan’ style then we can make that too.

What sort of packaging do you use?

– At the ‘Pizza Box’ we use a company called ‘Greengate’ for all of our packaging/presentation needs.

They are an incredibly innovative and clever company who have found ways to use waste sugar cane pulp fibres to make pizza plates, boxes, cutlery and napkins (They make a bunch of other clever things too but we do not have so much use for them with our business)

Their products are 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

They save on virgin material use and avoid landfill.

Not only are they doing something utterly useful and relevant to our times but their products look and feel absolutely brilliant!

The pizza plates and boxes  are of really simple design, thick and sturdy feeling and will promptly melt into the ground offering only fertilization underfoot….  those clever kids!


How much do you charge?

– Well, firstly and fore mostly we will match the prices of anyone else who is doing anything remotely similar.

Our pricing is completely variable and will correspond to whatever it is you need. There are so many variables with this that it is simply easier if you e-mail us with your interests, numbers, whereabouts, particulars and we will work out a price that is mutually beneficial.

Fixed pricing is not our thing, we are entirely negotiable and will try to work to any available budget.

These answers may seem a little vague but the pricing for a wedding of 80 people, for example, will be entirely different to one of 300 people. How long would you like us to stay, would you like the ‘Wedding Break fast’  (Highly recommended!) and what type of pizzas? all of these things will change the price completely so its easier to simply give us a tinkle or ping over an e-mail and we can discuss it.



Where do you operate from? How far will you travel?

We are based in the Dorset area (Sherborne) but we are happy to travel anywhere, within reason.

Naturally, we would need to charge for journeys outside of our catchment area (Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire) but we will be surprisingly reasonable and very competitive with this.


Does your wood fired oven smoke terribly as we could do without this at our event?

Absolutely not. The oven will smoke, a bit, for the first couple of minutes and then not at all for the remainder of our stay.

Wood only smokes when its starting out and/or is damp. We use only hardwood kiln dried wood in our oven which once it gets going produces no smoke at all and smells lovely!


What wood do you use?

We use a mixture of kiln dried Oak and Cherry or Apple wood. This produces the most intense heat for the oven (Oak) as well as a producing a pleasantly aromatic flavour and aroma (Apple, Cherry)

And yes, all of our wood is responsibly sourced … I can’t believe you even asked that question!