Our Ingredients


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t The Pizza Box we have emported only the best Neapolitan pizza ingredients.
Pizzas are essentially very simple to create (Napoli pizza chefs would kill me for saying that)in terms of the ingredients.

They are naturally sweet, flavoursome and fresh on the palate

But what you use HAS to be of outstanding quality for the right flavours to be created.

For example, we import ‘Caputo Blu’ flour from Napoli which is arguably the best that money can buy and it really makes a difference. (We can also make a wholemeal pizza dough for the seriously health conscious)

For the tomato sauce we use tomatoes grown just outside, on the foothills, of Napoli . They are naturally sweet, flavoursome and fresh on the palate  without the usual acidity which is often connected with inferior tomato sauces for pizza bases.

Our cheeses are also from Napoli and the Fior Di Latte Mozarella, for example, is of just the right flavour pitch for perfect pizzas.

Our Truffle oil is NOT the chemically substituted flavour compounds of the cheaper Truffle oils. In fairness to these manufacturers if you are unfamiliar with Truffle oil, you probably wouldn’t tell the difference, but its a principle point so we use only genuine truffle oil.

Our olive oil is also from Napoli and we are keeping that source to ourselves! It is like nothing that you can easily buy in the UK.

The colour is a vibrant green and it has the scent and taste of fresh olives. Even a plain pizza dough, cooked in the wood fired oven then drizzled with our plain olive oil is outstanding in flavour!  (Not to mention our garlic infused olive oil)

We could go on and on but we’re confident that you get the ‘gist’ by now.

Everything that we use is of the highest quality and nothing else will suffice. Its as simple as that!