Our Service

At ‘The Pizza Box’ we recognise that good service is incredibly important.

We also understand that detail is everything which is why we have created an outfit and a team that fully appreciate this fact and are able to respond to and deliver a great product with fine attention to detail on every event.

As we have come to learn, communication is everything in life and we like to think that we are very apt at understanding what it is that you, our client, expects from us.

Jody, the owner, is very particular in making sure that there is no miscommunication and that every detail  matches the expectations of his clients. He has all the time in the world to discuss any and every detail with his clients to make sure that everything goes perfectly.

For example, how would you like the staff to look at your event?

Smart, chefs whites or a slightly more casual look of stripey matching aprons and white t-shirts?

It’s these sort of details that end up making all the difference to an event and we are always happy to accommodate  your wishes.

We are essentially a fun and happy team who can respond to the  varying requirements of any given event.